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The creators behind the scenes

The driving force behind our success  would be the creative minds of our advisory board! It's these Brilliant and Fearless People that lend their time, talent and passion to help create, produce and provide......

the entertainment known as    BLACK BOX SOCIETY

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Angela Luksch

Actor, Stage Manager, Wife, Mom

Chicken Wrangler, Snake Handler

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Pam Unruh

All about Pam

according to Facebook quizzes:

Which movie describes her life?

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (sounds way more exciting than reality)

Which Disney character would she be? Belle from Beauty and the Beast

(she is a big reader)

Which breed of dog would she be?

A Chihuahua (I am not! I am not!)

Which actor would portray her in a movie about her life? Denzel Washington (we don't get it, either)

Which fantasy character would she be? Any dragon (okaaaay...)

What was she in a past life?

A serf

(hopefully one of the smart ones in Monty Python's Holy Grail)

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Peggy Barnell

Peggy Barnell has a rich history in church drama ministry and community theater. She is a writer, actor and speaker. She's been told if Carol Burnett and Barry Manillow had a baby....

"it would look like me !"

Peggy is grateful to God- the giver of all good gifts

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Peter E. Guarascio

Peter E. Guarascio is honored to be a part of the new Black Box Society team. Residing in Rock Hill for over 12 years now, he has been involved with many local productions and theatrical shows. He has also had the pleasure to take his love of acting on the road with his talented crew. Peter looks forward to wonderful times ahead with the Black Box Society & friends

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Jeff Wilson

Christian, Husband, Father, Writer, Director, Producer, Entrepreneur and an all around swell guy who still laughs at the 3 stooges, Abbot and Costello and Sid Cesar. My favorite saying?

"We Win or We Learn"

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Terry Roueche

A local Director, Producer, Author and photographer! Terry has been Involved in Theater for over 40 years on the local scene. He has been an inspiration and guide to many! Big Thanks to you Terry for helping us with all of the questions!!

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